Most favorite food in the world

1rNot only can the entertainment world ranking, not also exercise could be the number one you met. But the food can, taste the delights and various other aspects such as nutrient content make it deserves to get awards, besides the living beings who needed to eat?

There are interesting facts gleaned from the site that released the list of 50 food is the finest in the world (the world’s 50 Most Delicious Foods) in last July, and then do the voting through facebook to determine which food so number one. And want to know who gets the winner? Rendang, yes the food is typical of West Sumatra and many other areas in the archipelago is even ranked first of 50 foods that rated the most delicious in the world. Rendan successfully beat the big names of Chinese dishes, or France’s famous resto-Restaurant famous.
Here’s a list of 10 favorite food in the world, dated 19 October 2011:

Takoyaki, japanese snack

If Korea had teokpokki as a hawker by way, in Japan have takoyaki. Takoyaki is a roadside hawker or street snacks found at roadside stalls in Japan. What the heck was that? the takoyaki

Takoyaki is typical of traditional Japan round made from flour which contains tako or Octopus. Configuration is usually the seller provides a wide range of fields to be filled in this round flour other than an Octopus, like cheese, crab, chicken, shrimp, beef and corned beef.

Candy sweet candy

Candy would be the most delicious Snack ever Manufacturer in the World. These type of snack is very liked by many people, especially children. Candy, the little sweet and fruity taste. Just visit to the four countries to the most delicious candy snacks in the world.

Almost every country has their respective candies. But not all acceptable candy tongue of other countries. Numbers of candies might cause several health issues, but just hold it for a second, candy might be useful for health but in certain numbers. The following countries the most delicious candy snack manufacturer in the world.

1. France
In the 15th century, the town of Cremona in Italy produced the first White nougat candy. However, it is now best known for the nougat France took him three centuries later at Mentellimar.

Candies nougat made from sugar, honey, a variety of nuts and dried fruits. Some nuts and berries that are used include pistachio nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cherries and grapes. The word Nougat comes from Occitan which means bread nut.

Ice cream sandwich trends

The culinary historians of New York City currently develops new today are related to the growing number of consumer demand will be an ice cream sandwich.

As reported by the NY Daily News page, it was evidenced by the growing number of ice cream company in the city, offering ice cream sandwich, using local materials or natural (organic) to create new combinations.

Ron Tanner, Vice President of the Specialty Food Association (SFA) said, today more and more among ice cream and culinary shows his creativity on the ice-cream market in the last decade. Uniquely, said Tanner, it starts with a sandwich.

He stressed that, among consumers turn out to like a lot going on with the sweet and salty combination of ice cream mix with sandwiches.

Bingsu Cafe

Get to know food Korea other than have a unique flavour and differ from other foods, but also friendly on the tongue, especially if we taste a snack food Korea. Bingsu are for example could be a recommendation to all of you who want to enjoy a culinary tour Korea lightly. Bingsu are a popular snack food found in almost all the places in Korea during the summer. Originally presented as the only chip bingsu ice with red bean porridge plus, but has now been modified bingsu mixture.

Not just nonsense, because the popularity of the bingsu has to be famous to many different countries. No wonder many tourists who want to visit the place in Korea’s favorite Bingsu. Currently bingsu are famous for their red beans but slightly shifted with a mix of other flavor, some of the bingsu bahakan get rid of red beans at all. But it is not at all reduce palatability Bingsu. Through the information I get from this time I will invite you to visit the Cafe which sells Bingsu are favorites in Korea.